Deva Curl Services

Bring out the best of your curls!

The Deva Curl Cut- A method for cutting curly hair dry, and in its natural form, curl by curl. Our specialists sculpt your hair according to your curl pattern to achieve your look and style. The Deva Curl Transformation- Hair is cleansed and infused with moisturizing products pulled through each strand individually to close the curl cuticle and reduce frizz. Your Deva Curl specialist will then explain to you which products would be best for your hair style, and how to achieve your hair goals. The Deva Curl Bounce Back Service- A clarifying cleansing treatment is worked into scalp to remove buildup caused from products, hard water, and pollution. Followed by a customized deep conditioning mask to infuse moisture back into curls, leaving curls soft, bouncy, and shiny. Pintura Highlighting- Highlights are hand painted to add dimension and accentuate curls.